2008 PMC Stats and Recap

Michele and me, Mile 102 in Wareham (Saturday)... click to see more photos
Michele and me, Mile 102 in Wareham (Saturday)

What a great PMC weekend! So many great memories, such a great ride, and I am so confident that this year, the PMC will raise over $34 million for the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. I am so excited about the entire event right now, I have already set my countdown clock on my PC to next year’s weekend (Aug 1 & 2, 2009).

All PMC riders received an email yesterday from the PMC to announce the statistics from this weekend’s ride. Thought I would share them.

Riders Starting in Count Route Taken Count
Sturbridge 2,837 2-day to P-town 3,732
Wellesley (Sat) 2,096 2-day to Wellesley 214
Wellesley (Sun) 304 1-day 997
Total Riders 5,237 Sunday Loop Ride 304
Total Registered 5,558

Average age: 43
Male: 63%
Female: 37%

And now for some of my riding stats from the weekend:

Days Enjoyed Riding the PMC: 2

Maximum Speed: 40.4 mph

Day Start/Finish
Miles Time Riding Ave Speed
Saturday Sturbridge/Bourne 110 6 hours 24 minutes 17.19
Sunday Bourne/P-Town 77.5 4 hours 25 minutes 17.56
Total 187.5 10 hours 49 minutes 17.34

In all honesty, I cannot compare these numbers to 2007. But I do know the Sunday ride was sweet! Rode a lot with the Western Massachusetts contingent of Team Forza G in a great pace line and we just cruised right along. The first section of Sunday’s ride consists of the Cape Cod Canal bike path and a series of rolling hills. Most of the blue classic Forza G jerseys were all in a single line, churning up the path. At one point in the hills, I looked down and saw that I was cresting a hill at 30.1 mph. It was just very cool.

The most important number: Total Rider Fundraising to date – $22,750,000! According to Billy Starr at the Opening Ceremonies, fundraising is 15% ahead of last year. Keep it coming!

I have posted some more photos on my flickr page.

Thanks to all my family and friends for their continued support of my efforts in the PMC. The ride is an amazing experience, everyone involved, from the riders to the volunteers to the people who make donations to the thousands of people who stand on the side of the road and cheer, has a connection to cancer. They are not there just because it is a fun time. If you could see all of the people on the road, you would understand just how overwhelming it is. This is all for a cause, to make cancer history, and we are getting closer everyday.

All the best!


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