Time to Head Out!

In the next hour, I will be leaving Boston to head to Sturbridge for my second Pan-Mass Challenge Ride. And I have been thinking a lot in the past 24 hours about what this is all about and why I am about to sit on my bike for 192 miles this weekend. What is this all about? One part – remembering and honoring. Another part – hope and belief.

Remembering and Honoring

I have been asked by many of my friends to ride in rememberance and in honor of their loved ones who have passed or have battled cancer. I will. I know that some of you on the other end of this email have had trying times recently because of cancer in your families. Believe me, you are in my thoughts and prayers every day and especially this weekend while I ride. I will also think about the mom and her son who I met last year on a training ride on Cape Cod who had just lost her husband. I will think about the other faces I remember from the cancer center that I went to every day for 3 months for my treatments. I’ll thinking about my two grandmothers and my aunt. This is a very important part of why I ride the PMC.

Hope and Belief.

Here is a quote from a doctor at the Dana Farber Cancer Institute:

“…the real possibility that in our lifetimes we’ll talk about cancer the way we now talk about polio…there was once this horrible disease…”

Think about that for a second.

Last year, one of the speakers at PMC Night at Fenway said:

We are this close (holding his fingers very close together) to being able to prevent 50% of all cancers and being able to treat 50% of all cancers. It will happen and it will happen in your lifetime.”

To all of the people who have donated to my PMC Ride: THANK YOU! I will think about you often during the ride. You give me strength and determination, not just when I sit on my bike, but everyday. I know that some day, I will look back and think about riding the PMC, and how we all helped make cancer a disease ‘of the past’.

If you haven’t donated yet, please know that anything at all is appreciated.


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