Thank you!

Again, to all of those who sponsored and supported me for my ride, I say thank you. This cause, the fight against cancer, is obviously very personal for me. Many of my family have been stricken or battled cancer. We are at a point where we can make a difference. We can truly finish the job, the job of turning cancer from a death sentence to, at worst, a chronic disease or, oftentimes, a treatable health problem. That is why I am a rider and supporter of the PMC, the Dana Farber Cancer Institute, and the Jimmy Fund. My good friend Jaime told me on Friday, prior to our ride, “I’ll ask you on Sunday if you want to ride again next year”. I said, “Don’t waste your time, I haven’t even ridden yet, and I know that I will be here.”

The PMC is not a race, it is a ride. But the battle against cancer, and thus the fundraising is a race. We can make a difference and save lives. Lets make this dream a reality. Thank you for all your support.



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