My motivation grows.

My aunt Norma’s long battle with cancer has ended. She passed away on Saturday. She has battled this disease for many, many years. I cannot express my sadness in her passing, my pride in her enthusiasm for life, and my growing dedication to making cancer a disease of the past, not of the present.

My family is a cancer family – me, my mom, her sister, their mom, and my dad’s dad have all had our bouts with cancer, just in the past 12 years.  My grandmother was a 19-year survivor. My grandfather and I had cancer at the same time. I cannot tell you how much this disease has pained my family. It has also made us stronger.

It is time for cancer to go away….. we can do this! The PMC is helping in major ways. Let’s make cancer a thing of the past, a story that we tell our children about, a distant memory.  This is a battle worth fighting for…. we just need to get the right people the resources to make it happen. Help me make this reality. Donate today!

I am dedicating my ride this year to my aunt and my mom! You are both my inspirations! Love, Andy


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