I am riding the Pan Mass Challenge!

It has been 11 years (Feb. 1996) since I was diagnosed with Hodgkins Disease type 2A. Six months later, thanks to the great staff at the Univ. of Rochester Cancer Center, my oncologist Dr. Louis Constine, and the support of my family and friends, I had finished radiation treatments.

Michele and me Today, my remarkable wife Michele (that is me and Michele on our trip to Spain at right) inspires me and helps me set high goals. This year….year 11 – the goal is to ride the PMC!

My family has had many battles with cancer. My mom, and her mom and sister, my paternal grandfather and grandmother, and myself have all battled cancer; cancer has had a major impact on my life and family. Unfortunately, we just lost my courageous Aunt Norma on July 1st after her long battle against this horrible disease.

Last year, I helped my colleague Jaime Schier raise funds for his ride and through my job at Harpoon Brewery got to spend the weekend at Sturbridge and Bourne, pouring beers and getting inspired by all of the riders and their stories. If you have never been to the PMC, either as a rider, as a volunteer, or as a spectator, it is something to behold. Someday, it is my dream, and my hope, that we can make it so that no one has to ride to beat cancer, because the mission will be accomplished. One day, that is my dream.

When I ride the PMC, my thoughts will be with my aunt, my mom, my grandfather, and the many people who are battling and surviving cancer today. My ride is for them. Because, I believe that we can beat cancer and that it can happen in my lifetime, in great part due to the Dana Farber Cancer Institute and the PMC.

Please help make that dream come true. Cheers and thanks for your support!

Support my ride by making a donation on my PMC Fundraising page.


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